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Content Marketer - Munich (d/f/m)

Who are we?

AwesomeQA is an AI chatbot used for support in online communities. After training on a company's resources, it automatically answers customers and solves their problems.

Currently, it is being used in the largest communities of the web3 space such as Scroll, AAVE, and Dune. However, our vision is not limited to any one industry, and we want to make our tool a well-rounded automated support solution for all kinds of online communities.

To fulfill this vision, we closely develop our product based on customer feedback, so that our product is an effective solution based on market needs and not just another generic chatbot flooding the market.

So, if you're excited about this mission, we invite you to join our Munich-based team as a Content Marketer who can help us execute our marketing strategies. Read more about what we're up to here: https://home.awesomeqa.xyz/

Who are we looking for?

We are in search of a Content Marketer who has the ability to strategize and captivate people with their content. You possess genuine skill and capability in creating content and strategy and take pride in your work. It is important to demonstrate such competence through your past performance.

Performance objectives

  • Develop brand messaging and positioning strategies.
  • Research the market and target audience to build a solid understanding of their needs and preferences.
  • Create engaging and relevant multimedia content across various platforms, collaborating with designers, sales, and engineering teams.
  • Optimize content for SEO to improve visibility and reach using tools.
  • Analyze content performance metrics and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Cultivate relationships with influencers and partners for content promotion.
  • Plan, execute, and evaluate events to achieve strategic objectives, and effectively manage AwesomeQA’s online community.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and best practices.

What we promise

  • We greatly value psychological safety and honest feedback. We always expect you to speak up and share your ideas about what we can improve within the company, and take these views to heart.
  • We do routine 1:1's with your team lead, retrospectives, and insight hours to make sure we are constantly getting better at what we do all while fostering employee mental health and wellbeing.
  • Personal development is something strongly encouraged by AwesomeQA, so there are no fixed budgets when it comes to things that will foster your personal growth (education, trainings, conferences etc.), just ask and we usually say yes!
  • We offer a flexible working environment, we appreciate everyone's time and preferred ideal setup in terms of working hours.
  • We're excited to build the operating system for communities - and we want you to be too. That's why all full-time employees receive strong and fair stock option packages. We also support you in finding your perfect set-up.

More about us

We were working on the chatbot using RAG before the launch of ChatGPT which put us in a great position and allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

We have raised our seed round from leading investors: https://awesome-qa.notion.site/Press-release-3167f9b705d64e2b986108c24a96a689

Read more about our story and the founders of AwesomeQA: https://awesome-qa.notion.site/Story-Founders-620831f1f56a443b8ae61717874066a3

Here you can find more information about our operating principles and culture: https://awesome-qa.notion.site/Story-Founders-620831f1f56a443b8ae61717874066a3

How to apply

If you want to join AwesomeQA to revolutionize community management and you consider yourself a fit for this position, please reach out to us via hi@awesomeqa.xyz. Please provide examples of your best work, including writing samples, to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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Unbrained GmbH

AwesomeQA is the leading customer support solution for communities with clients such as Aave, Dune, Poap, Rarible and many more. Our solution aggregates user questions from all channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter) and provides automated responses.

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